Orthodontic Procedures

Sometimes, to get straight teeth and a fantastic smile, you may need some other procedures in addition to braces or Invisalign. This is usually the case when you have issues like impacted teeth or severe crowding. At Lisa Miller Oral Facial Surgery, we can help. Dr. Miller and our team are experienced in working with orthodontists to bring out the best in their patients’ smiles. As a Foley oral surgeon, Dr. Miller offers a range of procedures, including orthodontic extractions, surgical uprighting, and exposing and bonding a bracket.

Orthodontic Extractions

When a patient has extreme crowding, they may benefit from extractions prior to orthodontic treatment. This will give the teeth enough room to shift into their ideal places without putting stress on the surrounding teeth. Dr. Miller is an expert in orthodontic extractions and can safely and gently remove the necessary tooth, or teeth, to ensure your braces or Invisalign treatment will be a success.

Molar Uprighting

Molar uprighting is a procedure that’s used to correct a tilted molar. It’s typically performed on a second molar when it gets caught, or partially impacted, below the back of the first molar. Dr. Miller can perform a surgical procedure to reposition or upright the tooth. Either after or, occasionally during the surgical procedure, an orthodontic bracket can be attached to the tooth. Your orthodontist will then shift the tooth into its proper place along with the rest of your teeth.

Expose, Bond and Bracket

For certain impacted teeth, Dr. Miller can perform surgery to expose the tooth and bond an orthodontic bracket to it. While any tooth can become impacted, most commonly we perform exposing and bracketing on an impacted maxillary cuspid, or upper eyetooth.

First, your orthodontist ensures there is space for the tooth to move into its proper place in the dental arch. Then, Dr. Miller lifts the gum above the impacted tooth to expose the hidden tooth underneath. Once the tooth is exposed, Dr. Miller bonds a bracket to it. The bracket may have a tiny gold chain attached to it, which will be hooked onto the orthodontic arch wire. Dr. Miller will suture the gum tissue so that there is space for the tooth to exit. After surgery, your orthodontist will attach a rubber band to the chain to apply a light, eruptive pulling force on the impacted tooth, slowly moving it into place.

Whether you have aesthetic or oral health concerns, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a visit to meet with our Foley oral surgeon.