Wisdom Teeth

The third molars are often referred to as wisdom teeth since they erupt when we’re supposedly older and wiser in the mid to late teen years. Not everyone gets their wisdom teeth but for those who do, often, there isn’t enough space in the jaw for them and they become impacted (stuck under the bone) or positioned in a way that can have a negative effect on the surrounding teeth, bone and tissue. When that’s the case, removal may be recommended. Schedule a visit with our Foley oral surgeon today to have your wisdom teeth evaluated by calling us at (251) 320-3205!

What is
Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Dr. Lisa Miller will perform an exam and evaluate your x-rays to determine if your wisdom teeth are presently causing problems or may lead to issues in the future, including crowding, infection, cyst formation or damage to adjacent teeth. If so, we offer wisdom tooth removal in Foley, AL at our practice. Dr. Miller and our team are licensed, trained and experienced in offering a variety of different types of anesthesia and we use modern monitoring equipment for optimal safety. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

After numbing the area, Dr. Miller will create a small opening over the tooth and make a clear path to extract it. Depending on your case, she may remove bony obstructions or break the tooth up into smaller pieces for easier removal. Once the tooth is gone, the area is cleaned and sutured if needed using dissolvable stitches.

Benefits Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

01. Better Oral Hygiene

Your teeth will be easier to clean preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

02. Maintain Your Smile

It will retain the alignment of the remaining teeth and ward off damage and crowding.

03. Fewer Complications

The procedure decreases the risk of cysts, tumors and infections that can occur due to impaction.

Treatment Considerations

Early evaluation of wisdom teeth can be really beneficial and when treatment is needed, studies suggest younger patients in their teens and early 20s have fewer complications and heal faster. Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed before their root structure is fully developed. In some patients, this can occur as early as 12 or 13, while for others, it might not happen until their 20s. Problems tend to increase in frequency after the age of 30.

The complexity of the procedure will depend on your unique case. Wisdom tooth impaction can range from a soft tissue impaction, where the tooth has broken through the gum line but not to its full extension, to a complete bony impaction, which occurs when there is no space for the tooth to come in and it’s completely embedded in the bone. Regardless of your situation, we rely on cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and techniques to ensure treatment is effective and safe.

Surgical Extraction (3rd Molar)
Wisdom Teeth Management

Whether you have aesthetic or oral health concerns, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a visit to meet with our Foley oral surgeon.